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 St-Pierre Kennel

Hozd létre a saját névjegyed



N° 61 / 21. 01. 2004 / GB
St.Bernhardshund, Bernhardiner

News 2019

Euro Dog Show June 2019 - Wels

12/06/2019 - Komárom CACIB

Charpathian Saints Sweetie
Very promising, Best Minor Puppy.
Judge: Sergei Volinets.
Sweetie received the


  05/25/2019 - Miskolc CACIB

My dog named Fender has 7 awards!
Miskolc Maraton Dog Show!
Dein Hards My Fender Champion class: Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 2
Judge: Željka Fon Zidar BIS: Jovica Golubovic
05/25/2019 Holdvilág CAC
Excellent 1, CAC, BOB, BOG 2
Judge: Mr Erwin Deutscher BIS: Gábor Dr Hargitai
05/26/2019 CACIB
Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BOG 3
Judge: Sándor Szabó BIS: Miroslav Zidar

  Dein Hards My Fender

  05/05/2019 - Tiszafüred CAC

My dog has achieved a very good results.
Dein Hards My Fender  Exhibition CAC
K1, CAC, BOB és BOG 2
Judges: Gábor Dr Hargitai & György Hartmann.
He repeated his performance in the afternoon. K1, CAC, BOB és BOG 2 awards.
Judges: Levente Miklós  & Gábor Dr Hargitai.

  Dein Hards My Fender

  31/03/2019 - Békéscsaba CAC

Judge: Zoltán Baffia
Dein Hards All Or Nothing, Junior class
Excellent 1, HPJ, BOB awards has been realised. My dog deserved the
Hungária Príma Junior award.

   Dein Hards All Or Nothing


Dein Hards All Or Nothing
03/30/2019 - Gödöllő


Dein Hards All Or Nothing 9 months old.
FeHoVa Winter Dogshow 09/02/2019. Excellent 1, HPJ, Junior Winer, Best Junior.
Judge: Harsányi Péter

FeHoVa Winter Dogshow 10/02/2019. Excellent 1, HPJ, Junior Winer, Best Junior, BOS
Judge: Dr Jakkel Tamás

                           Melodi                Melodi & Santa Fé Dante

St.Pierre kennel has won prizes in 12 countries!

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